Local SEO * Mobile * Social

Did you know that for every phone book search, there are over 3,000 Internet searches for products and services?

Did you know that most customers come from within a five-mile radius of a business’ location?

These days, people are now using the Internet on their home computers as well as their mobile devices to find the products and services they want. They also are accessing social media applications more than ever before to find out about quality, compare prices, look for specials and coupons, and learn what fellow shoppers’ experiences were with a business.

You want these customers to find you, and you want them to be able to access your site or location information quickly. Today’s advanced search engines can help businesses and customers find each other — but only if your business listing isn’t buried several web pages deep.

At Thunderhawk, we optimize business listings based on their location. Leave the phone book behind and learn what Local SEO * Mobile * Social optimization can do for you!