What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Why is SEO alone not enough for a business?

How long does SEO take?
- Usually about 3 months to take full effect.

What are organic search results?

Organic search results are the default listings seen when you enter a keyword or keywords into a search site like Google, Yahoo!, MSN or Bing. The list of websites and businesses are seemingly random, with only your search term in common.

However, even the organic search results list isn’t really random. Each search site uses a complicated set of calculations to determine which listing is placed at the top of the list, which is second, third, and so on.

What are local search results?

All of the major search engines came out with pages that tie into their maps service. And these listings are favored by the major search engines. So when you type in a service like “Dentist,” it looks at where you are, looks in the local area, and brings up listings based on that.

You want your business to come to the top of this local listing. Most everybody has a website. Where SEO comes into play is getting your website to the front page when someone type in keywords that are related to your site. There are 2 ways to achieve that: page results and organic rankings, accumulated by SEO. These 2 things are not mutually exclusive because if you have a website with high rankings and you have a local or Google Places thing they all have links to your website so all that information works to give you a higher ranking and get you in a higher position.

An ideal world would be to combine the 2 techniques: optimized places and organic SEO to your web page to put you higher in the search engines for targeted customers: customers that are looking for exactly what you offer.

For example, if a customer is looking to buy a Mercedes in their local area but the only listings that come up are for Ford dealers, he or she is not going to be happy.  

Organic local search results

Even with a good **local maps** listing, you’ll need a good ranking on the organic search list. Good rankings in organic search will drive the bulk of traffic to your website. It is here where we can also target a wider range of keywords to maximize the local traffic your website receives.

At Thunderhawk, we’ve been practicing organic SEO for more than a decade. We have a deep understanding of how the search engines operate and strive to stay ahead of the curve when the engines make changes to their ranking algorithms.

When we develop an SEO strategy for you, you’ll see long term benefits in both organic and local searches