Local search engine optimization

Unlike a feature like Google Places, local search focuses in on your website to bring it as high as possible based on relevant keywords that your clients will be using to search for you.

Having 1,000 visitors to your website a day does you no good if none of them are looking for the specific product or service that you’re offering. We do not focus on the quantity of traffic, but rather the quality of traffic.

Better quality web traffic translates to increased foot traffic into your store.

We bring together people who are looking for specific goods and services with the people who are providing those goods and services.


For our local SEO services, we have a policy of only promoting one business per niche per vertical within a specific city or town.

So, if you are a Mexican restaurant located in Malden, Massachusetts, Thunderhawk will not take on any other client who is also a Mexican restaurant in Malden, Massachusetts. (But I will take on a similar client in nearby Everett, or in Dallas, Texas, etc.)

Basically, we promote you and only you within that area when it comes to specific business niche and industry in that single location.

Change is constant

All of the major search engines routinely change up their search algorithms for a number of reasons. The downside to this is that a website or business that had a good ranking may suddenly not have that good ranking after an algorithm change.

Having Thunderhawk on your side minimizes this problem. Because we routinely monitor your listings, we can act fast to keep your good ranking, so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure it out. and that’s part of our service.

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